Northville Colony Estates 3, 4, 5



Islands Design Concepts

Helpful hints as you review these designs:

Neighborhood Overhead View with Islands Numbered

Plant List and Graphics Key

Plant options and a key to decipher images in the design layouts.

Tree Options and Sizes

More options are being considered, but generally agreed to stick with smaller varieties. Also considering more small to mid-size evergreen options. Decided against arborvitae as they require more water and maintenance.

Shrub Options and Sizes

Selections suggested that would provide multi-season color and variety.


Perennials and Ornamentals Grass Sizes and Options

Details of final decisions on grasses and perennials will be decided after April 5 meeting. Leaning toward small to mid-size ornamental grasses and sedge for more open areas – for example, around tree areas.


Boulders like these would be used. Some islands already include, and they will be utilized but may be moved within new design.



Dunswood (near Six Mile entrance)
Existing Proposed

Dunswood Court
Existing Proposed with Existing Trees Proposed without Existing Trees

Weatherfield Drive
Existing Proposed

Appleby Court
Existing Proposed

Existing Proposed

WhiteHaven Court
Existing Proposed with Existing Trees & Shrubs Proposed

Exeter Court
Existing Proposed

Croydon Court
Existing Proposed

WhiteHaven Drive (east of entrance)
Proposed with Existing Tree and Wall Proposed