Northville Colony Estates 3, 4, 5



Important Resources

Phone Number
  Northville Township (Emergency) Click Here 911
  Northville Township (Non-emergency) Click Here (248) 349-9400
  Michigan State Police Click Here (248) 380-1020
  Wayne County Sheriff Click Here (734) 721-2222
  * Sign up to receive emails from Northville Township Police regarding important news and public safety information through the Township's website, The City of Northville has a separate email notification system that you can also sign up for on their website, Both services are free.
  Northville Township (Emergency)   911
  Northville Township (Non-Emergency) Click Here (248) 348-5807
  Northville District Library Click Here (248) 349-3020
  Northville Township    
  Administrative Offices Click Here (248) 348-5800
  Northville Public Schools Administration Click Here (248) 349-3400
  Meads Mill Middle School Click Here (248) 344-3700
  Northville Christian School Click Here (248) 348-9031
  Northville High School Click Here (248) 344-3800
  Winchester Elementary Click Here (248) 465-2400