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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get our roads salted during the winter when we have a big snowfall and temperatures are low, forming ice on the roads? Wayne County does not salt our roads. The HOA has quoted this in the past years, and each salt application, only at intersections, could cost over $1,000. Budgeting for this expense is difficult.

Also, snow is pushed when we have a minimum of 1 ½ inches of accumulation, to reduce chances of ice buildup.

We had a new vendor start servicing us during the 2019-20 season, and he has done a much better job than previous vendors and has been very receptive to our calls. The HOA will continue to monitor his service this winter season and make necessary adjustments.

I am selling or refinancing my house and need my HOA dues verified? Who should I contact? Send an email to our Treasurer at

Are fences allowed in the subdivision? To maintain the attractive appearance of our neighborhood, fences may be constructed only after plans of such fences are approved by the HOA board. Fences in the rear or back of the building on all lots shall be ornamental and no more than four feet high. No fence of any kind should be installed or erected in front of, or extending beyond, the front of the building of any lot. All fences must have a minimum 25 feet set-back from any and all streets abutting any lot line, whether front, rear or side.

Are mobile homes, RV's, campers, boats, snowmobiles or similar vehicles allowed to be stored outside? No, the outside storage of these vehicles is not permitted. A resident violating this ordinance will be notified and if the vehicle is not removed, Northville Township must be notified and a fine may be issued.

Do dogs have to be on leashes? Yes. For the safety of our residents (especially children), dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Walkers are expected to pick up dog waste left in neighbors' yards or in the parks.

May I place more than one Home For Sale sign on my property? No, only one Home For Sale sign can be placed on a lot at any given time.

What steps must residents follow before any outside renovations are done? (1) Get a copy of Building & Use Restrictions. (2) Have a licensed architect or contractor make your plans. (3) Submit plan to NCE board for approval. (4) Take plan for approval to Northville Township Building Department and apply for permit.

Where can I get a copy of the Northville Colony Estates By-laws and Building & Use Restrictions? You can find a copy of each under the Documents section on this website.

How much are Homeowner Association Dues? Please visit the Payments section of this website for the current dues amount.

What is your mailing address for Dues payments? Checks should be made payable to Northville Colony Estates and mailed to: Northville Colony Estates, P.O. Box 211, Northville, MI 48167

Is my information on this website private? Yes, absolutely! Northville Colony Estates HOA is committed to keeping your personal information private. NCE HOA will not sell, distribute or share any personal information you provide without your permission. Any personal information we possess will be used for the sole purpose of administering the relationship between yourself and Northville Colony Estates HOA.

Are there any opportunities to volunteer in the subdivision? Yes. We welcome everyone who would like to volunteer their time, talents or services. The Social Committee is always looking for help, as is the Grounds Committee. We also are forming committees for By-Laws Review, Street Repairs, No Solicitation and Retention Pond issues. Seven HOA Board members are elected each fall at the General Membership Meeting any any lot owner that is current in payment of their annual dues can be elected to these positions. If you have a particular interest, please contact the Board and we will find a good fit for you!

How many Board positions are available? Five board members are elected each year at the fall General Membership Meeting. Each position is for a one-year term and is open to any homeowner who is current in payment of their annual HOA Dues. Please contact the Board to express your interest in being placed on the ballot ahead of the fall meeting.

How may I voice a concern to the Board? Submit inquiries or concerns by calling any of the NCE Board members or email the Board at or via this website under the Board page.

Can I leave my trash bins outside in front of my house? No. To maintain the attractive appearance of our neighborhood, all trash, yard waste and recycling containers should be kept out of view except on the day designated for waste pickup and after 6 p.m. of the evening prior to pickup. Please be respectful of your neighbors and make an effort to 'hide' your bins. Requests for smaller-sized or additional trash and recycling bins should be made to Northville Township’s Public Services Department at (248) 348-5820.

Why do I need to move my car from the street during a snowfall? Snow plows are unable to clear the streets effectively when they have to maneuver around a parked car. Neither the snow removal company nor the subdivision will be responsible or liable for any snow plowed around cars parked on the street during snow removal.

Why is so much snow pushed onto the end of my driveway and/or in front of my mailbox? Snow must be plowed toward curbs of streets and pushed as equally as possible to both sides of the street, as dictated by the Wayne County Road Commission and the way snow plows are mechanically designed. This is unavoidable if we want our subdivision streets cleared of snow during the winter. It is the responsibility of the home owner to clear their own driveway and in front of their mailbox.

Why shouldn’t I push or blow the snow from my driveway into the street? Snow from your driveway should be pushed or blown to the sides of your driveway and NOT into the streets. Moving snow into the streets can cause hazardous road conditions and defeats the purpose of having a snow-removal service for our streets, since our service provider will not plow these sections again if it appears to be snow from driveways.

How do I report damage to my lawn, sprinklers or mailbox as a result of snow plowing? Please contact us by March 31 each year describing any significant damage from snow removal during the current year’s winter season. A representative from the Board will work with our service provider to review the damage, verify it was a result of plowing and repair any significant damage to your property.

What do I do if I spot a fox or coyote in our subdivision? It is increasingly common to these and other wild animals in both urban and suburban settings, but they are usually just passing through. If you see a wild animal, do not attempt to approach or handle it. Keep your distance and try to make noise to scare it away. If the animal doesn't scare easily, or if the animal is acting agressively, please contact the police right away or the Michigan Humane Society. To prevent problems with any wild animals, bring in pet foods at night and remove any other potential food sources.

Are pellet or BB guns allowed in our parks? No, absolutely not. It is illegal to have these type of guns, which shoot metal projectiles, in public places and they pose a danger to our children, our pets and other wildlife. Anyone found bringing a pellet or BB gun into our parks will be reported to the police immediately. However, there is a type of air gun called an 'airsoft' gun, which has an orange-colored tip. This 'airsoft' gun shoots round, plastic BB's and is legally allowed in public places. While we discourage their use in our parks for safety reasons, should you choose to use them or allow your children to use them, please exercise caution and responsibility while in our subdivision and teach your children to do the same.

When do I call the subdivision about storm drain backups? If there is a lot of water standing in your yard, please check the rear-yard storm drains nearest your house. These drains are usually covered with a raised, ‘beehive’ drain cover and they are located every few houses, usually along the back yard lot lines. (If you are unsure of the locations of these drains, please use this storm drain map to guide you or contact the HOA board.) If the drain nearest to you is full to overflowing, then there is likely a blockage and you should contact the HOA board. If it is not full, you can check the next drain in the line in either direction to see if that drain is blocked. A blocked drain in a neighbor’s yard may be causing run-off or flooding in your yard. If any drain is full to overflowing, please contact the HOA board so we can have someone come out and look for a blockage. Cleaning out blockages between rear-yard drains is handled by the HOA board. The cleaning of the drains and the lines connecting them is part of the ongoing, rotational maintenance we provide. Should any repairs be necessary, however, the repairs will be arranged by the HOA board and the cost of the repairs shall be allocated equally among all lots served by the arm of the drain line in need of repair. If you do not find that the nearby basins are full, then there may be a blockage in the pipes that drain your sump pump either into your yard or directly into the rear-yard drain. Maintenance and repair of the pipes that run from your house and yard to the point of connection with the rear-yard drain is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.

There is a drain in my yard and another at my curb. Do I need to do anything special? Please make every effort to keep the area around the rear-yard storm drains clear from debris. Do not sweep any debris or grass clippings into any drains in your yard or along the curb in the streets. Both the rear-yard drains and the street drains empty into the South Park detention basin in the rear of our subdivision and any debris swept into the drains contribute to drainage problems in the basin. If there is a drain that is in your yard which is covered over and cannot be located during our ongoing maintenance, the HOA will not be responsible for its cleaning and any costs from emergency clean-outs will be charged to the homeowner. Please refer to the township’s storm drain map or contact your HOA board if you suspect you have a hidden drain.