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Northville Colony Estates 3, 4 & 5

Sign up for annual Northville Road Rally by June 1

Registration is underway for the annual Northville Road Rally scheduled for Saturday, June 11. The event is for adults ages 21 and over who live in Northville Colony Estates, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, Northville Commons and the Lakes of Northville. Cost is $25 per person. The deadline for signing up for the event is June 1. Click on the following links to see the event flyer, event waiver form and road rally registration form.

Please keep catch basins in the yard free of debris

Please make every effort to keep the area around the rear-yard storm drains clear from debris. Do not sweep any debris or grass clippings into any drains in your yard or along the curb in the streets. Both the rear-yard drains and the street drains empty into the South Park detention basin in the rear of our subdivision and any debris swept into the drains contribute to drainage problems in the basin. If there is a drain that is in your yard which is covered over and cannot be located during our ongoing maintenance, the HOA will not be responsible for its cleaning and any costs from emergency clean-outs will be charged to the homeowner. Please refer to the township’s storm drain map or contact your HOA board if you suspect you have a hidden drain.

Reminder: Subdivision speed limit is 25 mph

A reminder that the speed limit on roads within Northville Colony Estates 3, 4 & 5 is 25 mph. In response to complaints about drivers not obeying the speed limit and stop signs, Northville Township Police is more actively patrolling the neighborhood to cite violators and keep the street safe for walkers and children.

Check out our Facebook page

Did you know that Northville Colony Estates 3, 4 & 5 has a Facebook page. You can click on Facebook logo on the top right of this page or by going to

Important Information about sump lines

We continue to receive questions about sump lines running from our homes in the subdivision. Sump lines are the responsibility of homeowners. They must tie into the rear yard storm drains. They are not allowed to drain into the street. They should be checked regularly for proper operation to avoid flooding and pump failure. Routine maintenance can help avoid future issues. For example, making sure the check valve is operating properly and routinely clearing the sump pipe all the way to the storm drain are critical. If sump line are overflowing then they need to be serviced quickly, e.g. cleaned out or replaced.

If a rear yard storm catch basin is full of water and not draining properly, then please alert the board right away. If the

obstruction can be cleared with a water jet, then the association pays. If actual repairs are required, then all the houses connected to the rear yard storm drain line in question will share the cost.

Northville Township PD now in Twitter

Northville Township's Public Safety Department is now on Twitter! There is now an even easier way to stay connected. Twitter will be used mainly as an emergency notification system. Follow @PublicSafety_NT to stay informed on all your essential public safety updates and concerns. Not on Twitter? It's also connected to our Township's Facebook account, so any information posted on Twitter will also be seen on Facebook.

Sign up to receive emails from Northville Township Police regarding important news and public safety information through the Township's website, The City of Northville has a separate email notification system that you can also sign up for on their website, Both services are free.